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Email ONLY

E-mail for Best Service

Maybe you are not ready for a website yet, but we can at least create the credibility you need for you new business communications with your own domain email.

2023 prices (annual increases in January each year): R99 setup fee (once-off), R45 per month.

Please contact us with more information about your website requirements, business activities, and current website and domain information (if any) so we can give you the best advice.

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E-Mail Accounts Only

Unfortunately, you will need a domain for your own e-mail account.

The costs are as follow:

  1. Domain (.co.za – other domains available at different pricing) at R10 per month, plus
  2. R35 per GB used. You can save money by forwarding to a Gmail account but you will still need space to send email as your email accounts.
  3. Thus the minimum cost will come to R45 per month for a .co.za. domain email account/s.
  4. A Setup Fee of R99 is payable.
  5. Monthly payments are synced to the 1st of each month.

General terms:

  1. Unlimited e-mail accounts – either forwarding or POP/IMAP OR forwarding to Gmail accounts – you pay per GB used.
  2. The default size we set email accounts up is 250MB. We will increase sizes to 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, etc on request.
  3. No website services included – your domain will simply be forwarded to the main website of Passionate about Websites or one of our affiliate websites, as we feel, could be appropriate. To forward to a site not affiliated with Passionate about Websites an additional fee of R50 per month will become payable. To not forward the domain and have an “Under Construction” page set up with details of your business (or no details if you prefer) an additional fee of R100 per month will become available.
  4. No spamming allowed: Your account will be immediately terminated if any complaints are received.
  5. The only method of payment we accept is via PayFast. You will checkout online. The anniversary of the automatic payments will be on the 1st day of each month for monthly payments and on the 1st of January for annual payments. Initial payments will be pro-rated with setup fees.
  6. A maximum of five accounts will be configured per day – either SMTP/IMAP or forwarding.
  7. If you wish we could upgrade your account to include website services.

Terms & Conditions

When signing up you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. PAW specializes in rapid web development and uses only one theme (Integral Pro) and only free plugins to enable my fully functional site in the shortest possible time possible, and at the most affordable price. I understand that should I have different requirements than the examples made available to me in the introduction e-mail I received from PAW, I will not continue with business with PAW but would rather make use of SRO, an affiliate service provider to PAW, who specializes in custom but effective and enhanced e-commerce solutions. PAW allows barter & charity websites.
  2. SRO specializes in enhanced, custom e-commerce and marketplace solutions and projects may take a longer time to complete, depending on the requirements of the client. Fixed bundles of hours are pre-purchased and additional hours, if required, will be invoiced. Additional themes and plug-ins will be quoted and will not be purchased until payment has cleared. SRO does not allow for barter & charity websites.
  3. Effective 7 September 2021 SRO will not accept commissions for bartered and sponsored /charity sites and those types of sites will only be accommodated by PAW.
  4. Effective 7 September 2021 PAW will not accept commissions for marketplace sites and those will only be accommodated by SRO.
  5. Both PAW and SRO receive payments via payfast (preferred method of payment) and/or EFT.
  6. Both PAW and SRO make use of WooCommerce as an e-commerce solution only.
  7. Both PAW and SRO make use of EFT and payfast as online payment solutions only for all our clients. Ikhokha and Yoco are alternative payment methods we can inplement.
  8. SRO make use of WCFM ONLY as a marketplace plugin.
  9. Certain domains carry extra registration fees and monthly fees – more information at https://passionateaboutwebsites/#extra1/ .
  10. I agree to the information and conditions as set out above, in the introduction e-mail I received, and as per the terms and conditions updated regularly to protect all and as at https://passionateaboutwebsites.co.za/terms-and-conditions/ .
  11. I understand that barter agreements take place on a Rand-for-Rand basis and limitations either way (for most to the value of 12 months’ fees) will be set in place to ensure neither party is abused. Once set limitation is reached payments will have to be made by the party in debt to either lower or settle outstanding amounts.
  12. I know that upon the termination of services of barter clients any outstanding balances from either party will become payable immediately.
  13. Although mentioned multiple times, I once again confirm that I am responsible to provide ALL content for my website to either PAW or SRO.
  14. Although mentioned multiple times, I once again confirm that NO monies already paid will be refunded, no matter the circumstance.
  15. Although mentioned multiple times, I once again confirm that notice can be given one day in advance for sites under development from either party, or one month in advance for sites opened to the public from either party.
  16. I understand that my site will commence with the lowest package (1GB) to save money and will automatically be upgraded as my site grows, and as per the terms and conditions.
  17. For PAW clients, a setup fee becomes payable immediately (the amount depends on the services required) and monthly payments are paid on the first of the month. Setup fees include a set number of hours, and additional time will be charged. The first monthly payment is prorated until the end of the current month.
  18. For SRO clients, an initial deposit is required. Larger monthly fees are payable on the first of the month until the site opens to the public, and smaller monthly payments become payable on the first of every month after the site opened to the public. Setup fees and monthly fees until the site opens to the public include a set number of hours, and additional time will be charged. The first monthly payment is prorated until the end of the current month.

Banner Ad Program

There are no additional costs to PAYING CLIENTS. These banner ads are an optional, free service to paying clients, but mandatory for charity and barter clients. However, banners may be removed by barter clients at an additional barter fee of R50 per month and by charity clients at an additional cash fee of R50 per month (we will allow charity clients to find a sponsor in which case we remove the banners for the charity and place the banners of the sponsor at R50 per month – should the sponsor withdraw, the bill will be for the charity else we can implement the banner ads).

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