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The BeSteven

Steven The Housepainter operates from Newlands, Roodepoort. Not only is he a handyman and can fix almost anything in and around your house, but he also does upholstery. Visit Steven at https://thebesteven.information.za.org/. This site was sponsored as part of an initiative by Information.Za.Org  to have start-up-, streetcorner- and door-to-door vendors some representation on the internet.


PlasticModels sells plastic scale models, popular among young and old. They use an external e-commerce solution. One is never too old to have fun! See their products at https://plasticmodels.co.za/

People Do Care / Mense Gee Om

People Do Care / Mense Gee Om is a non-official charity ran by a single-family in Pretoria North. They feed the homeless in the streets, most of the expense coming from their own pockets with some support from the local communities. Donations and volunteers are always welcome to contribute. Visit them at https://peopledocare.co.za/.

Passionate About…

Passionate About renders a host of services aimed at both employee and employer. One of their unique services is a referee check. It is possible that one or more of your references could be badmouthing you. Eliminate the negatives and remove them from your list of references. Passionate About will do a reference check on … Continue Reading

NG Kerk Soutpansberg – Louis Trichardt

This is a site where this church in Machado (Louis Trichardt, Limpopo) do their own design and content, we only take responsibility for hosting, backups and maintenance. Visit them at https://soutpansberg.za.net/.

NB Design & Print

NB Design and Print is a graphic design and print SOHO that rose from the Covid-19 ashes. They do excellent work and Passionate about Websites use them for our graphic design, document layout, photo editing, and print work. Visit them today at https://nbdesignprint.co.za/ for the best work at the best price!

Motivation SA

Motivation SA is a site that brings you your daily Word of the Day and Motivational Insight for the day – absolutely worth a daily visit to get a free kick in the direction you want. Visit them today at https://motivation.za.org/ for your inspiration – and don’t forget to bookmark them.

Japie Trollip Personal

Japie Trollip turned 60 and his family needed a personal site where they could post birthday wishes and photos. The site is password protected and 100% to their requirements. You may see the front page at https://japietrollip.information.za.org/


Houtenrus is a cottage on a history-rich, working farm in Mpumalanga, close to Tonteldoos and not too far from Dullstroom. It is equipped for four and is a great destination to escape the city buzz. Visit them and experience the farm at https://houtenrus.co.za/

17 Website Success Tips – Tip 17

This is part of a series and all post can be found on the blog of Passionate about Websites. Websites for South Africans, by South Africans   Running out of time for managing your online shop? We will do it! This is one of our new projects/services/products not officially announced anywhere else. Details will be … Continue Reading

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