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Do you work in-house or outsource the projects? - Passionate about Websites

Do you work in-house or outsource the projects?

  • 2022-12-16

A combination of both. All our “staff” are freelancers, working from home, at their own business hours. We will assign a webmaster to you to take care of your site, usually the one with least projects going on at the time when you sign up. However, we trained all our Webbies to work in a way we want them to work, and according to our standards. We have rules they need to adhere to, and we are strict when it comes to that. Two of the rules we are hardest on is regular communications with their clients, and no excuse for not sticking to our website design and maintenance rules – we do not remind them about those, if they don’t, and we notice that (we have all kinds of measures to check on our Webbies), they are out.

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