Our websites services, in short, are as follow:

  1. If you do not have a .co.za domain yet we will register and pay that for you. As long as we maintain your web site we will also pay the annual fee.
  2. If you already have a domain registered, or even hosting set -up and you want to change to us we will assist to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, as you are the registered owner, this will remain your responsibility.
  3. We will host your site on our servers. Should you have hosting already, it is compatible with our requirements, and you allow us access to that we will incorporate a discount into our fees.
  4. We run our sites on WordPress ONLY.
  5. We specialise in e-commerce and ONLY use Woocommerce for that.
  6. We believe in South African products for South Africans and implement PayFast as a payment solution for our customers in need of an online payment solution. Payfast is also the only solution we make use of for payment from our clients.
  7. In case of non-payment of initial fees and payfast cannot recover your payment we will not continue with any work on your site. We will deem this as a cancellation from your part. If any work was done (e.g. dummy site, etc) all will be destroyed and should you take decide to make use of our services again all repeat work will be charged for at an hourly rate.
  8. In the case of non-payment and payfast cannot recover your monthly recurring payment (usually between 1st and 7th of each month, and they will try at least twice with 24 hours between attempts) we will run your website until the 15th of the month. It is not our responsibility to approach you should you fail to pay and to re-establish payment – it is your responsibility. If you approach us within that period (1st to 15th of the month in question), we will cancel your current payfast subscription, and send you a new payfast link with the initial payment of your monthly fee PLUS an admin fee of R50, and your standard monthly fees following. If no payment by end of business on the 15th of the month in question your website and the last payfast payment request, will be disabled. If no payment from you by the 16th we will cancel your current payfast subscription. If you approach us to arrange payment for the month in question between the 16th day and the last working day of the month in question you will be sent a payfast link with the initial payment of your monthly fee PLUS an admin fee of R100, and your standard monthly fees following. That payment needs to be completed by the last working day of the month in question else the following will apply: Your account will be deleted COMPLETELY on the 1st day of the month following and you will lose access to mail, ftp, website, and any other services. If you have not approached us at all during the month in question to arrange for payment your account will be deleted COMPLETELY on the 1st day of the month following and you will lose access to mail, ftp, website, and any other services. If your account has not been restored during the month in question following this month we also will not auto-renew your domain. It is up to you then to arrange for a domain transfer before your domain expires else you may lose that as well. If your intention was not to pay us again we suggest you transfer your domain to your new service provider before the end of month in question.
  9. We start you with a basic package of 1GB space and up to 5-email accounts and if your usage increases we will up the numbers and amount payable - this to save you money.
  10. Should you run out of hosting space we will automatically increase 1GB packages to 2Gb packages, and if needed 2GB packages to 4GB packages, 4GB packages to 8GB packages etc.. When this happens you will be notified via e-mail and if you do not respond to accept or rectify within seven days after we sent you an e-mail your billing amount will be adjusted automatically during the next cycle.
  11. Our sites are designed to trending, modern and functional standards. They are responsive, based on a ONE-Page but with different sections in it to enhance the browsing experience of cell phone users - 80%-90% of your expected visitors. We DO NOT do "x-page" sites as we give you a much better, functional, smart solution. You will be provided with many links to example sites so you can see beforehand what to expect and we will also provide new clients with a Start Here document that will outline the functions of the different sections and what information we will need you to provide us with. If you DO NOT want a one-page theme kindly inform us before making any payment so we can refer you to someone else to assist.
  12. When you agree that we may open your site to the public, we consider your website as completed. Except for backups, maintenance and minor corrections, you will be charged at an hourly rate for any other work you require after your site was opened to the public.
  13. We run full backups of your site twice a month to make sure all is safe should disaster strike.
  14. We run at least one restore test of your site per month from the most recent backup set available to ensure our backups are functioning the way they should.
  15. We continuously make sure updates are run and security patches are in place to prevent hackers from taking over your site.
  16. We run a banner advertisement program which we encourage you to participate in - this means we will display banner advertisements for you on participating sites and banner ads of those sites will appear on your site. We always attempt not to run ads of sites with the same services or products on one another.
  17. Our affordable setup fees are different for different types of site, e.g. basic VS e-commerce site, and more should you require a more complicated setup. This can change at any time without prior notification. Annual increases usually take place in January.
  18. Monthly fees are affordable, increasing depending on your requirements. This can change at any time without prior notification. Annual increases usually take place in January.
  19. No monies are refundable.
  20. All payments are required in advance.
  21. When you make your first payment or start collaborating with us to get your new site going, you indicate to us that you accepted our terms and conditions.
  22. A notice period of one month is required by both party and any monies due to be settled within 30 days of termination of relationship. In the case of bartered sites any outstanding monies owed by either party will become payable within 30 days of termination of relationship.
  23. When setting up e-commerce sites or indexing sites sample items will be loaded to assist the client but once that is done the client will have to manage their shop. However, we do render services where we will manage your complete shop if you need that.
  24. If you require us to assist you with resolving problems or simply need more information about our products and services WhatsApp us or book a WhatsApp call.
  25. Any non-standard plug-ins, software and themes (themes only in extreme and exceptional cases) you wish for us to implement on your site will be quoted for at a marked-up price of the public price, and will only be purchased once your payment has cleared. We cannot guarantee that this will work or may appear or function the way you envisaged and no refunds will be given should the product not be used.
  26. We cannot guarantee the success of your site. Marketing of your site is for your account. However, once we completed your site we will list your site with Google and Bing. Furthermore, we list all our clients on our website, will create a small blog entry for each client on our site, and mention our clients on our Facebook page at regular intervals. We have compiled a series of tips for success with websites and you may access that from the blog on our website.
  27. Provided the basic service stays free, we will use statcounter on all sites. You will receive weekly (default) or monthly (let us know if you would like to change the interval) statistics on your visitors. These stats are not comprehensive but it will give you a good indication of the performance of your site. Based on this information you may take steps to increase performance.
  28. We go out of our way to get websites up in the shortest possible time. We can get basic websites up within a week and e-commerce sites probably within two to four weeks, depending on the complexity of your shop and products/services. When we take on new clients we will make it clear to you when we will commence work on your site. Paying customers always get preferential time slots to barter or charity/sponsored sites. The most delays we experience come from customers not providing us with the information we request, incomplete information, or in a format we have to re-type (e.g. screenshots rather than text). When this is the case know that we will not be bullied into assisting you when you demand our attention while we work with clients providing information as we request. If you were non-responded for any period (days, weeks, months, years) to our requests for information, or provided incomplete information, you will have to fall in the back of the queue and wait your turn.
  29. We will add your cell number to a WhatsApp group where we communicate urgent messages to clients.
  30. Work on your site will not commence until your initial payment is made. Thereafter, the first monthly payment will take place between the first and seventh of the following month, and future monthly payments will all be synced to the first of each month.
  31. We give some clients discounts on our prerogative and for various reasons. No client will be entitled to any discounts.
  32. A maximum of two types of discounts will be allowed per client, e.g. EKSSEA, Buffer-the-Blow, Late Entry, etc.
  33. We do pay commissions to third parties on monthly fees in the following manner: The person developing the site, the entity responsible for the administration of the site, and a referral fee to current clients, current developers, and current/registered lead generators.  Ad hoc referral fees are not payable.
  34. A maximum of one type of commission PER CLIENT will be payable to current clients, current developers, and current/registered lead generators, and the type of commission will be determined by the primary role played by the current client, current developers and current/registered lead generator.
  35. Commissions earned during Month One is calculated & penned during days One to Six of Month Two, and then paid before or on the 7th of Month Two. Remuneration slips are provided by the 7th of Month Two.
  36. On request, and at no extra cost, a page similar to this will be set up for current clients to enable them to earn referral fees, and registered lead generators will also be assisted upon request.
  37. We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions as we need to protect ourselves, our clients, our outsourced service providers, our developers, and our registered lead generators.
  38. Last update of these terms and conditions: 2021/04/10