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Projects Under Development

Please note that the images shown here are previews of sites currently under development and most probably will change or have changed already. These are not the final products.

Client: Remote Proactive Care
Background: A service reaching out to clients all over the globe, assisting in remote servicing of Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs and laptops, reporting on findings and suggesting corrections in order to prolong the live of these devices.
Skills: A Basic Site with some extras.
URL: https://remoteproactivecare.com/

Client: SavvyZen
Background: Virtual Assistant Services
Skills: A Basic Site with some extras.
URL: https://savvyzen.co.za/

Client: Optimise
Background: OPTIMISE focus on working with the smaller NPO’s who are in dire need of support services regarding growth and development in the areas of governance, risk management, compliance and fundraising support.
Skills: A Basic Site
URL: https://optimise.org.za/

Client: A Cuppa Jazz by Lala
Background: Handmade functional, decorative and fun pottery by Lala
Skills: A full e-commerce solution.
URL: https://acuppajazzbylala.co.za/

Client: Something and Anything
Background: This is a small business concentrating on selling current commodities that are high in demand.
Skills: A full e-commerce solution.
URL: https://something-and-anything.co.za/


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