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Projects Under Development

Background: ECO LINKT is all about the well-being of the body and home.
Skills: A full e-commerce solution
URL: https://ecolinkt.co.za/

Client: Sher’s Tasty Biscuits
Background: Sher’s Tasty Biscuits bakes divine butter biscuits and ships countrywide.
Skills: A full e-commerce solution
URL: https://tastybiscuits.co.za/

Client: Philandre Life Coaching and Proofreading Services
Background: Philandre Life Coaching and Proofreading Services is a business run by Philip and Andre. They offer life coaching and proofreading services.
Skills: A basic website with different lines of business.
URL: https://philandre.co.za/

Client: Books & Stuff
Background: Books & Stuff is an online-only business selling secondhand books and related products. One can never have enough books, and we can never have enough e-commerce sites!
Skills: Yet another e-commerce solution – we love these!
URL: https://baraboy.co.za/

Client: Bara Boy
Background: Bara Boy Productions edits videos for business and private entities. They are also big on graphics design and are home to two clothing ranges – Glow, and Originalz.
Skills: An e-commerce website with multiple brands.
URL: https://baraboy.co.za/

Client: Ru’s Kitchen
Background: Ruwaida was retrenched in 2020 as a result of company closures during Covin-19. She had no choice other than to start her own business and Ru’s Kitchen was born.
Skills: Basic website but with functions that will allow the owners to e-mail their menu for the week to a blog post, from where a notice will be sent to all subscribers to view the new menu.
URL: https://ruskitchen.co.za/