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Tips on Services

General Welcome

Welcome to our team as a lead generator/marketer/salesperson/whatever title you desire and always wanted to give yourself!

A few basics:

  2. We are an easy bunch to work with – so please make it easy for us to work with you too. We love to have fun while we are at work.
  4. Repeat rules one and three…
  5. You will notice that our niche is the development of e-commerce websites – marketing and sales is not our forte – this is where you come in!
  6. Because of the lack of our marketing skills from the owners, we cannot provide you with official training. The best we can do is provide you with details of our products, and answer any questions you or a potential client may have. You are basically on your own, swimming the wide oceans. BE THE SHARK (we have no idea if this little talk is creating inspiration or fear, you will have to decide and please don’t let us know either – we don’t like surprises!)
  7. However, we do have a professional marketer on our team. Roline will take care of our marketers and lead generators in future. You will also receive correspondence from Roline sharing some marketing and sales tips for the ones out there with limited skills like myself.
  8. We feel the need to expand our business and reach targets, thus allowing more marketers to market and/or generate leads for us. The main reason is that we have slowly fallen behind with our overall targets over the past year and we will now recruit lead generators until we can progressively catch up at a pace we can handle and then remain on target.
  9. Initially, you may have many questions: All questions are valid questions, so please feel free to ask away. For anything related to marketing/sales please get in touch with Roline – you will receive an email from her within a day or two, and for anything related to technical/website questions please speak with me (contact details below).
  10. We avoid meetings (any type, even phone calls) at all costs: Our developers are complete introverts and we stick to email and WhatsApp text conversations. This is how we communicate with all our team members AND clients. If a client asks for a meeting tell them the best you can do is give them an email address. If they insist on doing a Zoom meeting let us know and we will ask Roline, our marketing manager, to set up something with them.
  11. Concentrate on winning the following types of businesses:
    1. South African – We can handle others and are ready to move in that direction but we are very well equipped to serve South African website owners as far as online payment solutions and local shipping methods are concerned.
    2. Start-ups – our rates are affordable and many start-up businesses should be able to afford our fees.
    3. An ideal type of client:
      1. Somebody in need of a basic website that serves as a 24/7 online brochure having all the required information available to visitors to the website in one place (social media is messy in this regard most of the time), that will help the customer to make an informed decision as to which business they wish to support.
      2. Somebody in need of a basic e-commerce website that serves as a 24/7 online shop having all the required information AND products available to visitors to the website in one place, and that will help the customer to make an informed decision as to which business they wish to support, and also allows customers to immediately order items online, check out, and pay for their items.
      3. Have a look at https://passionateaboutwebsites.co.za/completed-projects/ to get a feel of the type of clients we serve.
  12. Avoid the following types of businesses:
    1. HUGE CLIENTS, eg banks, wholesalers, etc. The amount of work that goes into the development and maintenance of those sites is not worth the money we charge. Also, we are not experts in running that kind of database.
    2. Food outlets trying to do online orders – the maintenance of those constantly changing menus and pricing also not worth the effort – we will do foodies sites etc provided they agree to 100% maintenance of their sites, OR we stick to a basic site with no online ordering service (maybe e-mail and WhatsApp).
  13. If you are an expert in sales, you may use any of your marketing and sales skills you wish but the most important:
    1. NEVER use the names of any of our team members in your marketing efforts.
    2. NEVER SPAM using email, SMS, telephone calls or any other means of communications (smoke signals and messenger pigeons included). We need to ensure we adhere to POPIA regulations.
    3. Once you have a client bagged we will provide you with the documents the customer needs to sign – we do not start work on ANY project before the basic paperwork is in order, and the setup fee has cleared in our account. You may also download the required documents from our website at Downloads (link further down).
    4. Some of our marketers involve friends and family, colleagues, and everybody they know. They also reach out to any business they come across around their neighbourhood without websites, approach the owners and make them aware of our services. They also spend time hunting down potential clients on social media (the ones asking “I need a website”), approach those people and try and win them over. These guys also advertise on social media groups where advertising is allowed on certain days of the week with their contact details and win clients. Roline will expand more on Social Media Marketing in some of her emails.
  14. If you are not the best at approaching people and asking them for money (like some of our developers and other team members), you may prefer to concentrate on lead generation. This method most certainly has lower conversion numbers than conventional selling methods but in our early days, before we had professional sales persons on our team, this was the best and only way we bagged new clients.
    1. Complete the required information of potential clients in the spreadsheet available from the downloads in resources. Should the name of the person and/or company not be available use “Business Owner” and “your business” as in the examples of the spreadsheet template – please download from resources on our website.
    2. Email us the spreadsheet every time you reach 50-200 entries (we mail in batches of 50-100). We don’t do SMSs often and prefer email – SMSs cost money! WE NEVER CALL, SO DO NOT INCLUDE LANDLINE NUMBERS AS IT WILL COUNT AGAINST YOU WHEN THE SMS SYSTEM REJECTS THEM.
    3. Your listings will be entered into a master sheet and you must stick to the format of the template you may download at resources. If any of your contacts (email addresses and telephone numbers) matches an existing contact from another lead generator already it will be purged.
    4. We will cold email or SMS the contacts on your list, request their permission to provide them with more information, and should anyone sign up with us the appropriate commissions will become payable to you.
    5. When you see a business name you quickly google and see if they have a website, and you also double-check the last part of their email address e.g. webmaster@paw-academy.co.za. Then feed paw-academy.co.za into a browser and see if a website comes up or not. If not, or only an under construction sign, or even an empty WordPress template, you list these.
  15. YOU HAVE NO TARGETS TO MEET (YET) – WE KNOW LIFE HAPPENS. Some days are good, some better. And some never should have happened. You do your best in bringing clients in, we do our best in building affordable websites in the best time frame possible. However, we may set targets in future.

For more information on products, pricing, etc. visit Passionate about Websites (PAW) https://passionateaboutwebsites.co.za and sellrite.online (SRO) sellrite.online . For the sake of cost-saving, we recommend the use of services provided by PAW to all clients. Our sellrite.online client base is extremely limited, and we prefer it that way. Mum Unplugged, and Books & Stuff are two of our sellrite.online clients.

You will receive some emails with tips and technical information over the next few hours, days, weeks and months. The ones you will receive initially and with short intervals in between are the ones we sent out to other members of the Sales Force before and you will be receiving them to catch up.

And I almost forgot: We are slightly behind with our overall targets so the next few paid websites coming in will have part of the setup fee going to the relevant marketer/lead generator.

Please ask away should you have any questions.

Kind regards,



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