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Sales Force Members Introduction - Passionate about Websites

Sales Force Members Introduction


Thank you for your interest.

Please read through ALL. Decide if you want to commit to this. And then go to the sign-up page mentioned at the bottom of this page.

Our products, in short, are websites and website-related services. Designing, hosting, and email only if that is all the client needs. Please find our company profile at Our Downloads and you may find more about our products at OUR MAIN PAGE.

There are no strict requirements from our side. We will allow you to bring in clients at a commission-only base. Unfortunately, we cannot afford any basic salaries or any other benefits or aid for that matter.

  1. In short what we think would work best (You can decide which will work best for you, or even use both methods, it is up to you):
    You apply all your conventional selling skills to bring clients to the table. Some of our marketers involve friends and family, colleagues, and everybody they know. Then they also reach out to any business they come across around their neighbourhood without websites, approach the owners and make them aware of our services. They also spend time hunting down potential clients on social media (the ones asking “I need a website”), approach those people and try and win them over. These guys also advertise on social media groups where advertising is allowed on certain days of the week with their contact details and win clients. We consider these more marketers or salespersons. They do their own thing provided they don’t publish the name of our company or the name of any of the members of our team – only your details. You also must adhere to any POPIA regulations. You will receive a 25% commission of monthly fees on successful signups, as long as the client is paying.
  2. Some people are not that outgoing and prefer to work behind the scenes. These are the real lead generators. However, this in some cases may be a bit harder work for less commission. We will provide you with a spreadsheet where you can fill in the information of businesses you are certain have no websites. When you see a business name you quickly google and see if they have a website, and you also double-check the last part of their email address e.g. webmaster@paw-academy.co.za. You feed paw-academy.co.za into a browser and see if a website comes up or not. If not, or only an under construction sign, or even an empty WordPress template, you list these. You feed your provided information into a master database from where we cold email the potential clients asking them for permission to email them more information regarding our services. YOU MUST NEVER COLD MAIL ANY POTENTIAL CLIENTS. That unfortunately is the only communication we are allowed according to POPIA regulations. If they reply positively we are allowed to contact them again and try and win them over, else we are not allowed to get in touch with them again. If two lead generators provide information for the same company or contact, the information of the FIRST PROVIDED will be retained, the LAST PROVIDED discarded. This means the sooner you can provide information, the better the chance of you earning a commission on that lead. You will receive a 25% commission of monthly fees on successful signups, as long as the client is paying. However, we also apply penalties to regular ill information provided. If a large number of your leads turn out to be invalid e-mail addresses or telephone numbers not receiving SMSs your commissions may drop to 0% at a rate of 0.5% for each 5% failed e-mails or SMSs OVERALL).


Some general Terms and Conditions:

  1. Commissions are payable on websites only, unfortunately, not on e-mail only clients nor hosting only clients.
  2. By default, commissions are payable on recurring fees. However, PAW has some general targets for enrolling new clients. Should we be “behind schedule” on these targets, lead generators will also earn a commission on the setup fees of those where applicable. Each case will be reviewed on merit and commissions on these could be between 0% and 30%. Payments due will be payable by the 7th of each month in the month following when the commission was earned.
  3. Lead generators/marketers/sales persons are not employed and purely act on a freelance basis.
  4. As per the norm for freelancers any equipment used and other expenses e.g. data are for the account of the freelancer, not PAW.
  5. Lead generators may under no circumstances mention the name/s of company team member/s in public, on social media etc.
  6. Currently, we don’t have any targets for lead generators. However, this may change in the future.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT: This is not a get-rich scheme. Depending on the amount of effort you put in you can expect to add an average of one to two clients per month. Some months will be more, some months less. The idea is to build up a large client base and increase repeat income in that way. Over the past year, two of our marketers averaged one site every two months, despite their full-time jobs and only generating leads part-time.
  8. Terms and Conditions as at OUR GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS also apply.
  9. To find out more about pricing you may have a look OUR RATES .

If you are interested, and as an acknowledgement and agreement to our terms and conditions, please visit OUR REGISTRATION page and sign up.

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