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Lead generators needed - earn money while you surf the net

Lead generators needed – earn money while you surf the net


Are you a South African in need of some pocket money every month? If your answer is YES and you know how to use the internet do not scroll past this page.

This is what we do

We do realise that there are a number of South African businesses of all sizes and types, SOHOs, informal traders, and for many other purposes e.g. personal blogs, etc. in need of representation on the internet.

Some are starting up as a new venture in need a website. Some have been operating their brick-and-mortar shop for many years and now feel that it is a good time to establish an online presence. Individuals may feel the need to create a specialised and dedicated web for blogging purposes, simply expressing their creativity in their writing and crafts with no commercial agenda attached to it.

We register various domains, host, and set-up web pages for all South African entities in need of that,

Whatever the reason, sometimes they do not know that they need a website.

We need lead generators that can identify these establishments and individuals and provide us with contact detail of these entities. Our marketing department will get in touch with these entities (no need for you to do anything other than to push the details through to us – unless you want to and earn higher commissions) and once they signed up you will start receiving your commission.

How much we will pay you.

You will receive a predetermined percentage on all their repeat-type payments (monthly, bi-annual, annual) – don’t worry, all people you send to use will have repeat payments if they decide to make use of our services. This percentage ranges between 20% and 25%, depending on your performance.

When we are BELOW target for a specific month and you bring in a paying client, you will receive an additional bonus on the Setup Fee the client is paying. This bonus will vary but can be as much as 30% of the Setup Fee. However, ad hoc (where existing customers ask for specific work to be done and pay according to our quote for a once-off task) payments are excluded from this structure.

You will need to do some work.

We need qualifying customers and if you send us a lot of details of people who already have a website we will not be happy with you. In fact, we use a point system based on the number of referrals you submitted, the number of them who already have websites, and the ones successfully signing up. Should you have poor numbers we may cancel your association with us.

Where to find leads.

Speak with friends and family. Ask them if they need a site, a makeover of their current site. Submit their information if they say yes.

We find most of our leads from Facebook and some other social media accounts. If you are a social media supporter you most probably will do well with us. We analyze Facebook pages of business and if we see no website listed on the Facebook page we search for them on the internet. If no results come up on the first page of google indicating they have a proper web page – proper means https://theircompany.co.za/ (we only want leads from businesses based in South Africa) we list them.

Think about what you need at home (or even not at home – we love to eat out, travel and search for places away from home), your hobbies, and your interests and start searching those topics on social media and google. You will quickly find places listed but without any proper websites. Research them and list them.

How to get the information to us.

We do realize that different people have different tools available to do their job, so we allow you to submit your information in the following ways – this also is in the order of our preference but you will not be penalised in any way for using any of these methods:

  1. A spreadsheet that you complete and email to us. You do this for every 100 entries or once a week, whichever comes first.
  2. A spreadsheet that you download and upload every time before and after editing. This spreadsheet is hosted in the cloud on a collaboration platform. You do this for every 100 entries or once a week, whichever comes first. This will be set up for you only when you request us to do so.
  3. You upload individual entries on the web from a dedicated page. This link will be made available once you signed up and upon request.

How we will pay you.

We reconcile all payments we received during a specific month on the first of the following month. On any of these payments, you brought in your commission will be calculated and you will be paid on or before the seventh of that month. No cash payments and you will have to provide us with details of a South African bank account IN YOUR NAME into which we will pay your earnings.

How much you need to pay to become a lead generator.

NOTHING – this is not a scam trying to get money from you. You provided us with information that can lead to income for us, and we simply share that income with you upon completion of successful business transactions.

What happens if someone else already suggested a client?

We work on the date the information was provided. Whoever provided the information about a particular client FIRST, will receive the appropriate commission.

The last but most important – DO YOU QUALIFY TO BECOME A LEAD GENERATOR?

  1. You MUST be a SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZEN – we will require a certified copy of your South African ID.
  2. You MUST be 18 years or older – we will verify your age against your ID.
  3. You MUST have a SOUTH AFRICAN BANK ACCOUNT IN YOUR NAME (not Post Office) and you will have to provide us with the details of this account – we will need that so we can pay your commissions into that account.
  4. You MUST AGREE TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS – if you do not, we will not sign you up as a lead generator.


To apply to become a lead generator simply apply HERE.

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