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Existing Clients

All existing clients are required to complete the below form. We sent out .pdf versions before but none were returned and we then decided to go the electronic way. The primary reason for this is two-fold:

  1. In most cases when we register your domain we do not have all your details yet and we simply register your domain in the name of Passionate about Websites. However, even though PAW is paying for your domain (on 99% of the cases)we have no intentions ever holding your domain at ransom because of e.g. non payment by a client. We thus need the below information to transfer the ownership of your domain into your name.
  2. When you complete this form you also agree to our terms and conditions – something some of our initial clients did not do because we did not have our paperwork in order at that time.

Also, we every now and then have a free gift we may send your way, also complete the gift section if you wish to receive a small token of appreciation from us in the next year or five.

Thank you for your cooperation!




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