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Completed Projects

Client: The Schultz Foster Family
Information: The Schultz family takes care of foster children and are based in Centurion. This is one of our “pay-it-forward” projects, assisting deserving organizations with a sponsored website. This project was done pro bona by one of our capable web developers.
URL: https://theschultzfosterfamily.org.za/

Client: Dr Philip Nolte Writing Services
Information: For professional writing services that include translation, proofreading and editing.
URL: https://drphilipnoltewritingservices.co.za/

Client: MyGraskop.Com
Information: MyGraskop.Com arranges visits and accommodation for groups in Graskop. Services include arranged activities in the area and tours of the Panorama Route. Discover the hidden gems of the area with their Explorers Club.
URL:  https://mygraskop.com/

Client: Look Up Pro
Information: LOOK UP PRO CC is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide professional and cost-effective services; while focusing on delivering, safe, reliable, and accurate data to clients. It is our pleasure to work with these professionals.
URL:  https://lookuppro.co.za/

Client: Working Moms and Dads
Information: Working Moms and Dads render a host of services to the benefit of the unemployed and job-seekers in South Africa. This worthy group, founded by Heidi Saunders, has a following of over 62000 on Facebook. We are honoured to be responsible for their website. They are also a primary partner in some of our marketing efforts.
URL:  https://wmad.co.za/

Client: Tshilidzi “The Coach” Radali
Information: Tshilidzi “The Coach” Radali is a life coach based in the West Rand – Tshilidzi helps you cut the negative strings that hold back your progress. Know Yourself Better.
URL: https://trthecoach.co.za/

Client: AskRoline
Information: Your real estate agent of choice and marketer, social media manager, administrative assistant. If you need to get it done, AskRoline. Roline is also one of our primary partners in our Social Media Marketing efforts.
URL: https://askroline.co.za/

Client: Margie Burger Food Styling
Information: Margie, like thousands of others, lost her job at a leading magazine that was closed down as a direct result of Covid-19. She now is getting her own business off the ground as a food stylist and recipe developer. Her site has the best photos we have seen in a long time!
URL:  https://margieburger.co.za/

Client: NB Design & Print
Information: NB Design & Print specializes in photo editing, layout design, canvas & block mounting, and printing. We regularly make use of NB Design & Print ourselves and often refer clients to them to assist with graphic and logo designs.
URL:  https://nbdesignprint.co.za/

Client: Jojo’s Bakes
Information: Jojo’s Bakes is one of our sponsored sites on https://information.za.org/. This is a small informal business in need of an online presence and sponsors helped out. Johanna not only bakes, she also runs her own small courier services company.
URL:  https://jojosbakes.information.za.org/

Client: Nina’s Gifts & Goodies
Information: Nina’s Gifts & Goodies brings you mainly local products to keep everybody happy. Try them for unique gifts!
URL: https://ninasgiftsandgoodies.co.za/

Client: Passionate about…
Information: Passionate about.. is a SOHO rendering administrative services and has products in line with their field of expertise: HR support functions. They revamp CVs and conduct credit-, criminal-, reference- referee checks and many more. Passionate about… is one of our primary partners and is responsible for our admin and most of our leads for new business.
URL: https://passionate.co.za/

Client: Steve Construction
Information: Steve Construction is a small business operating from Newlands, Roodepoort and specializes in renovation and construction. This is a small informal business in need of an online presence and sponsors helped out.
URL: https://thebesteven.information.za.org/

Client: Embo Handmade
Information: Embo Handmade is a small business operating from a home in Randburg, Covid-19 forced the owner to look at alternative markets other than the traditional to sell her craft and we came up with a fully functional e-commerce system.
URL: https://embohandmade.co.za/

Client: Besembek et alia
Information: This is a comprehensive travel and review blog with a classifieds system running in the background to list the places of accommodation. It also uses standard blog functionality to update readers. Live tracking is enabled on the website during road trips and real-time feedback is achieved by e-mail to blog functions.
URL: https://besembek.co.za/

Client: Houtenrus
Information: Houtenrus is an AirBnB cottage on a farm in Mpumalanga. The owner needed a basic website set-up as a matter of urgency and we could help within days. It is rather static and serves as an online brochure to supplement online reviews in magazines and travel blogs. The owner uses AirBnB as a booking facility – we do implement booking facilities but will make recommendations to use alternative systems where we think it will be in the best interest of our customers.
URL: https://houtenrus.co.za/

Client: Motivation SA
Information: Motivation SA brings you daily quotes – Word of the Day and quotes of all kinds! Visit them on a daily basis for motivational insights.
URL: https://motivation.za.org/

Client: PlasticModels
Information: PlasticModels sell scale models for young and old. They make us of an external e-commerce solution, embedding their products into their pages. Visit them today.
URL: https://plasticmodels.co.za/

Client: NG Kerk Soutpansberg – Louis Trichardt
Information: This is a project where we combined both our hosting only services and some of our design and hosting services. The bulk of the design was done by the webmaster of the church but we still run the maintenance on the site and also are responsible for backups.
URL: https://soutpansberg.za.net/

Client: Information SA
Information: This is a project where small, informal business owners are awarded a presence on the internet. Through sponsors they are presented on a basic site, establishing their digital presence.
URL: https://information.za.org/

Client: Passionate about Banners
Information: Passionate about Banners is affiliated with Passionate about Websites and concentrate on banner advertisements on all affiliated websites. This is an optional service rendered to our customers.
URL: https://banners.cjhit.za.net/

Client: People Do Care – Mense Gee Om
Information: This is a site for a charity based in Pretoria North, with some basic information as required by them. These people work hard on feeding the homeless sleeping in parks and on streets in their area, and at the same time trying their best to find the homeless people proper accommodation and work. Their Facebook page is more active than the web page but the convenience of the webpage is that it is easy for their supporters to always find contact information, banking details for donations, and they appear in search engines, allowing more people to discover them every day.
URL: https://peopledocare.co.za/

Client: Japie Trollip Personal
Information: A small and private website for a family getting all together on the 60th birthday of one of their members. With functions to allow family members to upload photos and leave messages for all to see. Password protected.
URL: https://japietrollip.information.za.org/

Client: Tripple J Repairs
Information: A basic site for an upcoming workshop. This is a small informal business in need of an online presence and sponsors helped out. They are doing so well now they asked us to remove all contact information from their site and put up a notice that they are not accepting any new work until further notice. Appears their web page did too well!
URL: https://tripplejrepairs.information.za.org/

Client: UnwantedZaNet
Information: This is an online garage sale. Books, toys, and some random items. To be upgraded in the near future.
URL: http://unwanted.za.net/



The following project/s is/are in the workshop for a major revamp.

Client: Toys and Gadgets
Information: Another start-up affected by retrenchments. Toys and Gadgets allow sellers and manufacturers of toys and gadgets to use this site to sell their merchandise. The owners do pre-approve items but most items meeting the basic guidelines are accepted. This domain changed owners a couple of times since it was established in 2019 but fortunately stayed with Passionate about Websites.
URL: https://toysandgadgets.co.za/

Client: Casa Caritas Online Charity Shop
Information: Casa Caritas is a home for the mentally and physically disabled in Kempton Park, Gauteng. This is an online shop to their benefit using WooCommerce and has full e-commerce functionality. Secure online payment using PayFast and various shipping options are incorporated.
URL: http://cccharityshop.org.za/