1.      We have different packages but we usually start clients on the lowest package to save money and then upgrade as needed. Packages are based on hosting space (our primary cost). We start all with a 1GB plan - sometimes media files can push this up very quickly and we had to upgrade two sites before they were even open to the public. Packages range from  1GB to 2GB to 4GB, to 8GB, to 16GB, etc. We currently have 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, clients. For fully functional e-commerce sites we suggest you start on a 2GB package.

2.      Banner advertisement: We run a banner advertisement program where we display banners on your site, and in return, your banner ads are displayed on other participating sites. A mandatory covid banner included and as soon as it is no longer mandatory it will be replaced with a similar banner from advertisers) OR it will be removed when you opt out. 1GB packet WITH ADS is R175 per month and 1GB WITHOUT ADS is R230 per month - that's right, we give discounts to encourage you to participate in the banner ad program. We try not to show ads from sites that possibly compete with each other for business.

3.      Initial fees work as follows:

·         R500 for a basic site without e-commerce or indexing/classifieds.

·         R1000 for a basic site with e-commerce.

·         R1000 for a basic site with indexing/classifieds.

·         R1500 for a basic site with e-commerce AND indexing/classifieds.

·         Any other specialist site functions will be quoted before.