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2022 Rates - Passionate about Websites

2022 Rates

The basic pricing structure for 2022 will be as follows:

Design & Hosting

Setup Fees

Item Initial Setup Fee (ISF) ISF Hours Additional Hour Rate While Under Development (AHRWUD)
PAW Basic Site No E-commerce *R500.00 10 R35.00
PAW Basic E-commerce Site *R1 000.00 20 R75.00
SRO Advanced E-Commerce Site R2 500.00 20 R125.00
*  To make it easier for clients to obtain a website we allow clients of PAW to pay their Setup Fees over one, two, or five months.

Monthly Setup Fees Until Complete

Item Monthly Setup Fees Until Complete (MSFUC) MSFUC Hours
PAW Basic Site No E-commerce  N/A N/A
PAW Basic E-commerce Site  N/A N/A
SRO Advanced E-Commerce Site R1 250.00 10

Monthly Fees

Item Monthly Fees
Space Allowed before extra is charged Montly Fee per additional 1GB Space
PAW Basic Site No E-commerce R175.00 1GB R20.00
PAW Basic E-commerce Site R230.00 2GB R35.00
SRO Advanced E-Commerce Site R230.00 2GB R35.00

Standard Hourly Rates

Hourly Rate Once Site opened and completed (All Sites) R150.00


Discounts – A maximum of ONE discount type per account allowed
Pensioners (60+) 15%
Retrenched persons (proof to be submitted and retrenched less than six months ago when applying) 20%
Selected NPOs (severely disabled persons only) 25%


Hosting Only

We give you CPanel access and you do the rest. Packages in one GB increments at R29 per one GB. Domain fees excluded. We will register your domain at cost PLUS 10% markup and invoice annual renewals at the same rate.

E-Mail Accounts Only

Unfortunately, you will need a domain for your own e-mail account.

The costs are as follow:

  1. Domain (.co.za – other domains available at different pricing) at R10 per month, plus
  2. R25 per GB used. You can save money by forwarding to a Gmail account but you will still need space to send email as your email accounts.
  3. Thus the minimum cost will come to R35 per month for a .co.za. domain email account/s.
  4. No setup fee is payable.

General terms:

  1. Unlimited e-mail accounts – either forwarding or POP/IMAP OR forwarding to Gmail accounts – you pay per GB used.
  2. The default size we set email accounts up is 250MB. We will increase sizes to 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, etc on request.
  3. No website services included – your domain will simply be forwarded to the main website of Passionate about Websites or one of our affiliate websites, as we feel, could be appropriate. To forward to a site not affiliated with Passionate about Websites a fee of R50 per month will become payable. To not forward the domain and have an “Under Construction” page set up with details of your business (or no details if you prefer) a fee of R100 per month will become available.
  4. No spamming allowed: Your account will be immediately terminated if any complaints are received.
  5. The only method of payment we accept is via PayFast. We will send you a payment request from PayFast. The anniversary of the automatic payments will be on the date of each month on which your first payment was made.
  6. A maximum of five accounts will be configured per day – either SMTP/IMAP or forwarding.
  7. If you wish we could upgrade your account to include website services.

Are you in need of a website for your business? Are you open to the idea of a barter agreement? Barter with us!
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