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17 Website Success Tips - Tip 17 - Passionate about Websites

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17 Website Success Tips – Tip 17

This is part of a series and all post can be found on the blog of Passionate about Websites.

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Running out of time for managing your online shop? We will do it!

  • This is one of our new projects/services/products not officially announced anywhere else. Details will be made available online soon but if you want to be one of the first to make use of this service chat with us.
  • In short:
    • This agreement is only available to clients of Passionate about Websites. i.e. we host and set your website up.
    • You ship or deliver your products to us in Johannesburg (the one in South Africa, not the one in the USA). We reserve the right not to accept some types of products. Also, in some cases, it may be better if you ship and deliver, and we simply load and manage your online products.
    • You remain responsible for your stock at all times. We will do our best to ensure safety thereof but all insurances throughout are your responsibility. This includes insurance or items in storage and in-transit.
    • Items are stored at our premises during the period of being photographed and loaded onto the site and then moved to a secured off-site storage unit. Sold items are extracted from the storage unit as needed.
    • You ultimately will be responsible for the marketing of your site and products.
    • We photograph and load it onto your site.
    • We reserve the right to open or break seals on at least one item of a product to take photos if needed. These items will be sold at a discounted price.
    • We store your items.
    • We follow a number of the suggestions in this document to market your products and online shop.
    • Customers pay you via Payfast or EFT (we will implement both methods).
    • We ship your sales.
    • We invoice you every month based on the value of items loaded, the value of items sold or that you decided to remove from listings, postage and packaging fees per order at 100% of the charged rate, a fixed admin fee per order, monthly storage fees based on the area used for storage.
    • Your stock with us becomes security for non-payment.
  • There are more details but we will make it known in our agreement.
  • As mentioned before, some models may allow us not to keep your stock or ship it, only for us to upload the items. We are more than willing to discuss your requirements.


Please note that most of the information here pertains to sites selling physical or downloadable goods. However, for most of it, the same advice may apply to sites rendering service or products of a different nature. We are confident that you will benefit from this.