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17 Website Success Tips - Tip 11 - Passionate about Websites

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17 Website Success Tips – Tip 11

This is part of a series and all post can be found on the blog of Passionate about Websites.

Websites for South Africans, by South Africans


Work on your contact list – EVERY DAY!

  • Try to add one e-mail address to your contact list per day.
  • Use tools like Mailchimp. It is free up to a point or paid after. We were initially sceptical about this (we don’t like to pay for services that we can get for free) and then we discovered the benefits of their paid services. We signed up.
  • You may also let us help you to set up a custom solution – we set up a system for a travel blog where we enabled two major options:
    • Subscribers to one list receive e-mail alerts every time a new place-of-accommodation is listed, and
    • Subscribers to another list receive e-mail alerts every time a new item is posted in the blog.
  • Communicate when needed but NEVER SPAM.


Please note that most of the information here pertains to sites selling physical or downloadable goods. However, for most of it, the same advice may apply to sites rendering service or products of a different nature. We are confident that you will benefit from this.