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17 Website Success Tips - Tip 09 - Passionate about Websites

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17 Website Success Tips – Tip 09

This is part of a series and all post can be found on the blog of Passionate about Websites.

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Maintain your stock – EVERY DAY!

  • Online customers want to know EVERYTHING about the product they intend to purchase, and they want to know it NOW! ALSO, these words are not just words. These words are the words indexed by Bing and Google and lead shoppers right to your front door. “A picture is worth a thousand words” may apply when your potential customer visits your site, but those pictures will not bring the visitor to your site – you need to use words to get Google and Bing to tell the potential customers about your products so they can be lured into viewing your pictures on your site and make a purchase.
  • Make sure your photos are of good quality. Yes, a picture is still worth a thousand words.
  • The description of your products must be spot on, no misleading information, no neglected information – you don’t want your customer to be returning products because it did not meet their expectations. Rather give too much information than too little.
  • Ensure all additional tabs applicable to your product shows when the product is viewed. This specifically pertains to your Shipping and Payment tabs. Customers want to know how you will ship and what their shipping options will be, and what options you have for payment.
  • Browse every product you listed and double-check – fix any mistakes immediately.


Please note that most of the information here pertains to sites selling physical or downloadable goods. However, for most of it, the same advice may apply to sites rendering service or products of a different nature. We are confident that you will benefit from this.